JJE Career Day 2021

Begin with the End in Mind: Rise Up with Career Day
Posted on 03/25/2021
3rd Grade dressed as their future for Career Day

JJE Leaders dressed in their dreams for Career Day! Mrs. Hammond, JJE’s Counselor, offered students opportunities to explore ALL possibilities while visiting with guests virtually and in-person.  Over 25 sessions highlighted careers of all kinds.  Two favorites were Kenna O’Brien, an award-winning Barbie designer and Dr. Treible who is a Jellyfish Researcher. 

          Our JJE leaders were able to connect with leaders in their field not just here in Sansom Park, but nationwide. Because many sessions were conducted virtually, we were able to meet with professionals across the country, speaking to our students directly from their workplaces. This meant that questions could be answered by showing students the things they were curious about in their real-life settings. This was an exciting day that complimented our vision of teaching our students to dream big and lead along the way.