Leader In Me

Leader In Me
Posted on 09/16/2019
Students Posting on the Victory Wall

We are pleased to announce that Joy James Elementary is officially a Leader in Me School. As a part of this experience, our students will have the opportunity to learn the principles found in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Leader in Me.These are skills that will help our students be successful in elementary school and beyond. We will spend this year reinforcing these principles with engaging and relevant activities that will encourage our leaders to think about how they can contribute to their community. The Sansom Park community businesses were a strong support system in helping us begin this journey. Principal Ms. Turner says “We are very fortunate to be surrounded by people that recognize the value of this program and want to invest in the Sansom Park community and its children.” 

Before the students returned, the teachers spent 2 days training on the 7 Habits, learning how to incorporate them into their own lives. Staff members described the experience as “an incredible opportunity”, “a call to make meaningful changes”, and “highly relevant to all aspects of my life”. 

Students have already been learning the 7 Habits and tracking their personal and academic successes around Joy James! Next time you visit, ask our students to show off their data notebooks and class data boards. 

Throughout this year, students will use the 7 Habits to improve their personal relationships, set academic and personal goals, and find ways to be leaders in their classrooms, school, community, and one day, the world.