JJE Teacher of the Year

JJE Teacher of the Year
Posted on 05/16/2022
Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Mr. John Bribiesca for being named the 2021-2022 Joy James Elementary Teacher of the Year! Mr. Bribiesca is in his 6th year of teaching, and has been with Joy James Elementary for all of them. Known as “Mr. B”, he is a bilingual 5th grade teacher who is always going the extra mile for his students, as well as his fellow teachers and coworkers!

Mr. Bribiesca is a mentor to eager new teachersteacher of the year and says “If you have the time to help a new teacher out, do it knowing that you are helping shape the next ‘Teacher of the Year’. Take it from one that just got here!” It takes a lot of heart to shape the minds of future leaders. Mr. B is one of the best for the job!

He is an inspirational leader, and Joy James Elementary is lucky to have him!