JJE Students Spark a New Year of Board Recognitions

JJE Students Spark a New Year of Board Recognitions
Posted on 10/11/2021
JJE Students Spark a New Year of Board Recognitions

Joy James Elementary is Castleberry ISD’s Board of Education spotlight campus for the month of October. Each campus and department will have an opportunity to be recognized by the district’s Board of Education this year. 

The format for this month’s board recognition was much different than in previous years. Instead of the traditional format of the campus principal presenting student and staff recognitions, administration empowered its student leaders to make the presentation. 

The presentation began with a short introduction video where Leigh Ann Turner, principal of Joy James Elementary, explained the presentation format. “I could go on and on about all the great things our kids can do and our teachers can do, but I really think they can portray it better themselves,” Turner said in the introduction video. “Take it away guys!” 

“Thank you for letting us present tonight becauseStudents presenting to board of education Joy James is a great place in so many ways,” Camille, a fifth grader, exclaimed at the beginning of the presentation. More than 30 students volunteered to work with Principal Turner when she first asked for volunteers over the school PA system. Students collaborated with Turner and Counselor Luke Champlin to come up with a cohesive presentation. 

Giving students the ownership and voice of leading a presentation reinforces the district’s recently adopted mission statement: Inspiring, educating, and empowering all students to be innovative thinkers in the global community

Students presenting to board of education

In 2019, with the support of the Sansom Park City Council and local business members, Joy James Elementary became a Leader In Me School. This nationally recognized learning process developed by Sean Covey focuses on the social-emotional side of learning. The Leader in Me is an effective tool that provides students with a common language, helps each set goals, and as demonstrated at October’s Board Meeting, allows students to become comfortable with a variety of situations, including speaking in front of a group.  

Built around Stephen Covey’s internationally recognized Seven Habits, at its core, Leader in Me emphasizes how every student can be a leader. “We know leadership is not taught; it’s developed. 

“Leaders follow the Seven Habits. The Habits are easy to learn but there are also five important beliefs we go by,” said Emmanuel. “The most important one is that everyone is a leader!” 

Students presenting to board of education

Student leaders shared with the board all the leadership opportunities available to them as students at Joy James. “Leader in Me is not a program. It’s a process. It’s an operating system. We know leadership is not taught; it’s developed,” said Turner. “Our JJE teachers are committed to Mr. Covey’s philosophy that you have to communicate someone’s worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it within themselves.”

During the presentation, students shared how teachers guide students through goal setting and the best way to achieve those goals. Although most goals are related to academics, the students shared how some goals are more personal. The Public Relations Crew at Joy James set a goal to make every kid smile when arriving at school. 

The entire Google Slides presentation and recording of Joy James Elementary’s student led presentation is available below.