JJE STREAM Device Checkout

STREAM Devices available for Check-out from the JJE Library. 

25 Netbooks (not to be used for RTI or Achieve3000)
15 Ozobots
12 Spheros
12 Makey Makey Kits

To reserve the devices please email Jackie Senerchia senerchian@castleberryisd.net AND Sylvia Moreno morenos@castleberryisd.net 24 hours in advance with these specifications:

1. Type of technology
2. How many devices needed
3. How long the devices will be used for (2 day max)
4. If you would like some assistance with using the device, coming up with a lesson plan or coteaching please email Jackie Senerchia at senerchian@castleberryisd.net and/or Alan Small at smalla@castleberryisd.net

Please make sure to plan accordingly to pick up and return the devices on time.
Also, we have a lot of other technology available as well so do not be afraid to ask.