Art Syllabus & Rubric

Art Lessons

Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd                                3rd, 4th, 5th

Unit 1:  1st 6 Weeks   

What is Art?                                                  Art - Occupations

Art Rules, Procedures, & Safety        Art Rules Procedures & Safety

Line and Shape                                                   Line and Shape         (Contrast/Variety)                                               (Repetition/Pattern)                

Unit 2:  2nd 6 Weeks 

Color and Value  (Emphasis)               Color and Value (Emphasis)

Unit 3:  3rd 6 Weeks   

Texture and Space (Balance)           Texture and Space (Balance)

Unit 4:  4th 6 Weeks   

 Form                                                                          Form

Unit 5:  5th 6 Weeks 

Putting It All Together (E & P)              Putting It All Together (E & P)

Unit 6:  6th 6 weeks   

Look & Respond                               Look & Respond